GUNS? Lets find some answers.


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I have been seeing a lot of misinformation in the press and on social media concerning guns. I have friends on both sides of the issue. However we need to consider some things lets get the facts right first. If your really serious about reducing death and mayhem then stop and consider what is actually possible without setting off a civil war.

Like the First Amendment we often see or hear crap that we find so offensive we think it should be illegal. As offensive as speech may be as long as it is not inciting violence or constitutes sedition its covered. Our approval is not required.

The Second amendment is very much the same way. The Supreme court has indeed defined the second amendment as a personal right to bear arms. Although it has failed to define how far that right goes. as far as where and what manor. Many have interpreted the constitution as meaning it was about a militia. not a personal right. But SCOTUS has defined it. it is a personal right.

We hear much discussion about banning Assault weapons. Well actually they are already banned. Those Assault styled weapons we see are not fully automatic like an actual assault weapon is. Fact is these weapons are designed to appear like a military style weapon they can not shoot the high speed machine gun like rounds. Even if the weapon is ILLEGALLY altered, so it fires as an assault weapon does at many rounds a second, The gun would jam or fail.  Its not the same as what the military uses. Its not engineered for that many rounds in such a short period of time.  Even the High capacity magazines in a semi automatic configuration can cause serious problems with jamming and overheating if the user attempts to empty the clip as fast as he can.  These weapons can shoot as quickly as any 45 or 9 mil semi automatic pistol. The only real similarity is that the ammo used in these weapons is similar in caliber.     Like having a muscle car with a 4 cylinder engine.  Looks tough but don’t have the Mojo.

I have been hearing a lot about this gun show loop hole.  Which is a mystery to me really.    Most vendors at Gun Shows are Federally Licensed Gun Dealers.  And they are required to do a back round check even at the gun shows.    The only way you can buy a gun legally with out a back round check is through a private party.    Now THAT is the real hole in the gun access system.

If you are one of these people that just hates guns.  Don’t want to touch one for what ever reason you may have.   And you think that NO ONE should have GUNS and your pushing for that.     You are going to get NOTHING.   As equally emotional about the issue are those gun owners.   And you know what,   should  you try to take their gun, they are going to use them.   This is an observation I am very certain of the reaction.  Normal law abiding usually peaceful citizens will open fire.   They are not crazy but they mean business.  You nor the government is taking away their guns.    This is not a negotiable point.    This isn’t just politics people I have personally spoken with from both sides of the political spectrum.   Jack Brooks forgot that and it cost him the congressional seat as it did many others.    This isn’t about NRA.  They are a bunch of foolish money launderers.    We are talking about your neighbor and the guy down the street.    Some don’t give a rats ass about the tea party, gay marriage or voting day.    But you try to take their gun.  its going to be WACO all over again.

I am sick of hearing about someone having a breakdown of some kind and arming himself and going postal…or to the movies. or some school campus.    we must puts some real things on the table.   Quiet honestly I don’t think its going to be one solution.   Its going to be many little things that actually slow down the violence.

Mental Health is such a serious issue and Texas is among the chief offenders when it comes to failure to address Mental health issues.    You see it isn’t the patient that is being treated but society as a whole.   We have so many people that need treatment and medication but its just not available.    Now we have to do some pretty stepping when it comes to preventing certain diagnosis’ to advise the state that they can be dangerous.  However we already do that with drivers licenses.  If you have a medical condition that could render you incapacitated behind a wheel a doctor has an obligation to report that to the state to suspend your driving privileges.    Something Similar in Mental health could be instituted.   Giving the psychiatrist legal venue to put certain diagnosis’ on a gun watch list.    If your on the list you’re not going to get a gun at Fed Authorized Gun Dealer.

Talking with a friend who is very much a gun rights advocate.  I directly asked him.   How can we address this issue without people feeling like their rights are being trampled on?    He responded with You know there was a suggestion one time about putting ID chips in every gun so the safety would not unlock without the registered owner of that gun being present.    In other words if someone stole the gun it would be useless to an unauthorized user (or thief).   I thought actually that isn’t a bad idea.

Is it legally possible to actually produce titles for the guns?   So when a gun changes hands even in private the title transfer would trigger an automatic back round check?   Gun show, private party or dealer…  it wouldn’t matter where you got the gun if you have it on you and it’s not in your name…you get to go to Jail.

If Violence were Sex, and it was as pervasive and as raw as it presently is in media for public consumption it would be rated xxxx.    We need to press very hard to make sure that kids especially do not have access to unbridled violence.   I am not blaming the film industry or the video game industry look they are just selling a product trying to cut a buck like everyone else.   I am not saying they need to do anything different or should they be restricted in their production.  I am saying that access to this material to young people should be as stringent and penalized like alcohol and tobacco is.    We can’t blame Hollywood or Silicon Valley but we must admit the wanton unbridled violence in these media sources have got to have some kind of effect if nothing else to instill some kind of numbness to the absolute horror that is being portrayed.   Of coarse MOST of us have normal functioning reasoning factors.  But that one in a thousand is a clear and present danger to the other 999.

If we are going to ban guns the first ONES should be TOY guns.    I was walking through Wal-Mart last week after the Connecticut  Murders.    There was NO AMMO left on the shelves.  But there was an Assault style BB gun on the end-cap.  I had to take a double take.  It looked like it belonged in the toy department on it was a  for kids over 18+ label.      I am sure if I did go to the toy department I would have found several other toy pistols and assault guns rated for children much younger.     Look I support the 2nd Amendment.  But you know what Guns are NOT toys.    They are not to be played with as such.     Can you imagine a toy manufacturer making Tiny Tommy Man Cave with a refrigerator and with a 12 pack of Tiny Tommy beer?   So the beer is root beer but you get my drift?     Hell you can’t find a pack of those candy cigarettes we used to get when I was a kid.  (I am dating myself I am sure)   But I can get a meaner looking toy gun than that cap gun six shooter I had when I was a kid.     We have weaponized our posterity.   once the kids get board with the toy guns we have Grand theft auto for them to practice car jacking and several other criminal behaviors that are plainly rooted in violence without apology.     Then they get a little older and we have then connected into Combat simulators.   I could go on and on.  And I haven’t even gotten into the Gore and violence 3D high-definition movies.     With all the body parts flying around you would expect some of these kids to come out with a pre-med education…oh wait the Joker from the Colorado Movie theater he was in a doctorate program wasn’t he.   Note his chosen persona was a villain from another violent movie scenario.        How can you not draw some kind of conclusion from that?

Another avenue of removing guns from the streets which is where the lions share of the violence is being committed.  We hear of the 20 kids in Connecticut.  But there have been over 400 deaths nation wide since that event.   yeup…just four weeks ago.  But little kids get shot every freaking day…   all over America.   Usually in drug infested gang imprisoned poor neighborhoods.    Where the chief economic source is the illicit drug trade.   There is Crack and other cocaine products as well as opiates and prescriptions being sold.     However the backbone of this network of drugs is Marijuana.     The same roots that Marijuana takes in the black market are the very same roots that cocaine and heroin take.   In fact if you removed Marijuana from that network the Cocaine and Heroin traffic would dry up too.   And those guns the dealers and the mules need to keep their shipments safe would also stop flowing through.   Also Law enforcement could divert the huge resources spent on drugs to enforcing the gun laws we have and the new Idea’s I suspect we are about to have.     All because Marijuana became legal.

When prohibition of alcohol was repealed by constitutional Amendment one of the reasons was the underworld economy that was created as a result of the prohibition, also cause a spike in gangs and you guessed it, gun violence.    Turf wars broke out and they were using real machine guns.   Not, machine gun like, but true rapid fire guns.    They legalized alcohol and guess what the violence diminished and one of those Rum runner family’s produced a U.S. president several decades later.

I would love to hear some constructive suggestions that respect the 2nd amendment and those sensible citizens who cherish their constitutional right to bear arms.    The object is to reduce the violence not offend our fellow citizens.    Congress may not be able to agree on anything but we are not congress are we.  This isn’t a right left issue its an American problem that we Americans must resolve.


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