Aug 1 Function

Meet & Greet and GLBT gathering
August 1, 2012
6:00 PM
At the
 Jefferson County Democratic Party Headquarters
CALDER and 2ND Ave
Beaumont TX

There will be a meet and greet at 6:00 PM.    on August 1.  2012  At the Jefferson County Democratic Party office.   Nick Lampson will indeed be there However it was entirely designed to accommodate the GLBT community.    Many of the People of the Meet in Greet will be allies of the GLBT community.     This is the Very first gathering directed at the GLBT community.     Many GLBT in this area do not live in Jefferson County we will have people present that can assist GLBT members in getting information that is more geographically appropriate.  And MOST important we need to get much better idea what we are dealing with.

At this particular meeting we will gather those people who wish to be involved with a GLBT Action committee.   Basically a steering committee to discuss issues that are more democratic in how the GLBT community moves forward.   We have a lot of very well-intentioned people who have some very twisted ideas of who we really are.      We must accept the embrace that these democrats have extended to the GLBT COMMUNITY.       Other gay and lesbian leaders have been forging ahead outside of our little universe here in south-east Texas.      I deeply appreciate those efforts and the  platform that they helped mold going forward.  But,  this is SE Texas.    This GLBT community is very unique.    I find very few of my friend from this area that will dispute that.   But our day is here.  Today we get to stand up and politely say I will take my Humane Rights Now.  We have  found our dignity and we are NOT GIVING IT UP!

Some things we want to get accomplished at this meeting.

  • introduce ourselves those involved with this effort thus far.
  • assemble a membership to move forward
  • establish a meeting to form a GLBT community forum. (A steering committee that can direct what the Gay community really wants and needs)
  • Ascertain weather or not we have the numbers and commitment to form a Stonewall Democratic Caucus Serving South East Texas.
  • We have two Senate Districts we want to make sure the GLBT members know exactly who is who in the party.  so if they have a question of their location we can get them what they need.
  • Establish GLBT interface so that questions involving the election process can be addressed.    We have a large range of people who can answer your Civics questions.  (like what is the difference between a congressman and a Senator.) The only stupid question is the one you didn’t ask!

The Senate districts we cover are SD3 & SD4  These are Texas State Senators not the ones that go to Washington DC.   But the area is HUGE it spans from Henderson to Shelby all the way down to coast east of Harris county. (SD4 actually has the ne portion of Harris as Parts of Galveston county)    Anyone in this region that is in the GLBT community or just has an unbroken affection for the GLBT community is welcome.    We are also extending this to Our Counter parts in the Log Cabin segment of the GLBT community.    We have a lot of reality to bring to the general population concerning real GLBT issues.    Equal Treatment is for ALL GLBT people reguardless of what color, Race, ethnic origin, Religion or even political opinion.  We are forming an alliance to insure that our community is recognized and respected by ALL the elected Officials.

A word about Elections and Candidates.   We often see the negative parts of a campaign.  Candidates often run as a democrat republican or independent or green part …ect.   They don’t always stick with the ideology that the members of that party choose to follow.   That is why it is so important that the elected officials know we (GLBT) are here.  And we have greater numbers(in the GLBT) than they currently want to believe.

All we have to do is Say we support GLBT issues.  When those nasty floor fights about gay marriage or DOMA or even AIDS funding occur their memory is scared with our images in their minds.    They will know that they are voting against or for someone they know personally.   That is exactly what I and a few others have done in the last 20 years.  Is Making sure they KNOW us as productive members of their constituencies.

These loyal democrats in this particular juncture have stepped out on a line.   They have chosen a platform by gathering all its members from around the State of Texas.    These are not the candidates,  They are the grass-roots friends and neighbors we all know and love.

With the assistance of Stonewall Democrats have formed a bold platform in support of Marriage Equality, Repealing DOMA,  Hate crimes extensions to include EVERYONE in the GLBT, Anti Bully efforts and decriminalization of Marijuana.

For many opponents this is a line in the sand.  Our visible presence from the Gay and Lesbian community goes so far.     Now I am willing to stand before the most ardent foe we have.   I am NOT afraid nor will I back down.   I can not do this alone.   I can make the pleads and cast off the attackers but I need to know that I am adequately representing the Gay Community.   No one is being asked to do anything they are uncomfortable with.  We just need you to show up and be willing to be counted.    If you want to do more we will facilitate you and give you the weapons and education you need to proceed.  Hook you up with all the right people.

The political Arena can be a messy place.  But NOTHING is as painful as sitting on the sidelines watching our community be burned in effigy.


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