Beaumont Pride remembers past as LGBT community moves forward.

The buzz is about On June 21 the very first Gay Pride event in Beaumont History.  The Beaumont Pride organizers have done a first class job getting the word out in mainstream press.  The whole operation is not without sacrifice dozens have given up their valuable time to make this happen.  As this Sleepy Gay Community wakes up for the first time many of the newly formed organizations and business’s are feeling the strain.    Never before in history has the Southeast Texas Gay Community come together to build something substantial.     If  you disagree with how things are being operated…well so does everyone else.  But none the less they have put their differences aside.  I have to tip my hat to Shawn Hare and Jennifer Daniel for hearing and responding to as many calls from the community as were feasible.    They have been responsive not reactive in attempting to include all the diverse personalities that the LGBT Community.  (think kitty cat herding)….  But here it is JUNE  in the home stretch.

I was excited to learn that some very important LGBT history will be present.  Displays that will inform festival goers of the history of the very first Pride.  While the Stonewall Riots were not the beginning of Gay Rights Movement, there were other groups that formed well before 1969.  The Stonewall Riots was a mass epiphany.   Gay Pride marks that point in time that Gay People realized that we were not going to get our human and civil rights handed to us for being polite and dressing as expected.

A little piece of trivia, there is a rumor that has not been verified out but one might leaning toward believing.  Stonewall Riots were aggravated because the Gay Community was mourning the death of Judy Garland.  it was just a day or two after the massive funeral.  It isn’t a cause, but the queens of stonewall were in no mood to be fucked with.